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Your account ID and password combination might be incorrect. First, make sure you login with your Empty Trucks NZ account ID, e.g. "ew197", and not your email alias or name (if you have forgotten your Empty Trucks NZ account ID, please submit a query via the contact form). Then check that your password is correct. The password is case sensitive, so check your CAPS LOCK key (make sure the CAPS LOCK light on your keyboard is off).

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Sometimes exiting your browser (closing all browser windows) and then restarting it will solve a login problem.

If you are concerned about boxes going missing during transit, once all the boxes are sealed number the boxes with a permanent marker using a 1/14 system.
When you call a company, try and have a list of items that you want to move, especially if it is a houseload otherwise measurements and weight will be helpfull, if you can provide a list to the company they will be able to tell you if their truck is going to be big enough.
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