Empty Trucks

What you can expect with Empty Trucks NZ.

Here at Empty Trucks NZ we understand that as a trucking company your drivers spend long hours on the road. Driving trucks hundreds of kilometers half empty can be simply frustrating.   We also know how difficult it can be to find that additional work.

Empty Trucks NZ is designed to assist trucking companies throughout New Zealand to find additional work along your existing routes. Customers visit our web site; enter in their starting location and destination. Once matched, we provide the customer with your details in order for them to contact you regarding the transportation of their items.  You are in total control of what customers you choose and how much you charge.

We appreciate feedback on how we are doing, and strongly encourage all clients to let us know how your company is performing. As a trucking company, this can be used to your advantage as well. The client will have the ability to respond to your services via an online feedback platform. Other potential customers can see these feedback information to help choose you for their moving needs.

As an honest and trustworthy company, we respect your privacy just as we do our clients. We only use your details to have new customers contact you. We strive to maintain an honest partnership, along with an easy and convenient way for you to pick-up extra work. Our basic registration has no fees and plenty of new customers, Empty Trucks NZ makes the perfect business partner for any freight or moving company within New Zealand.

Our free registration only takes 2 minutes to complete, and you can start listing your Empty Trucks instantly.

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